Fire and Rain

Our Favourite Wine Grower for 2020

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It is undeniable that Hubert de Boüard, one of the most famous names of Bordeaux, deserves the accolades that have been showered on him. A winegrower since 1956, he clearly loves the land and knows his grapes, coaxing the best out of them even as he surveys the unpredictable weather, using experience to guide him on when to prune, when to let the grapes stay on longer, when to gather them.   As co-owner of the Saint-Emilion Premier Grand Cru Classé “A” property, Château Angelus (where a single bottle can cost several hundred to thousands of dollars) he not only tends to his...

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5 Best Wines to Serve this Christmas 2020

Just like it has been since "Circuit Breaker" Phase 1- there is a limit to who gets a seat at the table this Christmas.  We are all hoping that the number of visitors will be raised from 5 to 8, but that still means a lot of people left out for most families.  The more intimate number has meant more frequent small gatherings and perhaps more meaningful conversations, so we can only be thankful for all that Covid-19 has thrown on us this Year of our Lord 2020. So regardless of how many people will be gathering at your dinner...

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If there was a time we needed the Sun

I suppose we always need the sun.   If there is anything we have a love / hate relationship with more than any other natural phenomena it must be the sun.  This super ginormous ball of glowing hydrogen and helium is 109x wider than the earth and threatens our very existence with its intense and ever growing fire.  Even at a distance of 150 million kilometres, its hot plasma is so dense that we can feel it inside our little blue sphere. And yet, for all its destructive potential, on the very same breath, it also gives us life.  It not...

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Eight (8) Sure Fire Ways to Find Good Wine in Singapore

1. Temperature Make sure the temperature of the shop is cool (26c and below) if the wines are not stored in a wine fridge. 2. Sunlight Are bottles are stored out of direct sunlight? 3. Standing or Lying Flat If some bottles are displayed standing up to showcase what they are, that's fine.  But if ALL the bottles are standing up (which means that's how all bottles are stored), best walk out and find another shop. 4. Staff Do the staff know the wine they carry and are eager to help you find something you will like based on your food/fruit preferences...

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Stop Buying Destroyed Wine


While sunlight helps the grape to grow, once it is off the vine, any further exposure to sunlight accelerates its deterioration. In as little as 3 hours of direct sunlight exposure, a clear bottle of wine will have changed from wonderful to terrible.  Interestingly enough, it is the Vitamin B2's and B5's in the wine reacting with the naturally present amino acids that causes the wine to alter its wonderful aromas into a malodorous mess. WHITE, GREEN, BROWN Green bottles apparently offer more protection, and just visually this makes sense.  We can't see the wine inside clearly and experts estimate that green bottles offer six times more protection or 18 hours...

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