Amazing Predictions for You: Happy Niu 牛 Year (12 Feb 2021)

According to the 12 Animals of the Chinese Zodiac, it is the Ox's turn to reign supreme this year.  As the Ox is a loyal, hardworking, steady beast that got bested by the Rat who took a ride on its back FTW (for the win) in the Great Race to meet the Jade Emperor, predictions this year mainly say: work hard and methodically and you will be rewarded.   This is directly opposed to haphazard work which usually, if not always, results in not rewards, but having all the apples you've been collecting spilling out.

Since the Ox is also an animal of burden, having been subjugated by man for our agricultural needs, we are going to feel the full weight of our responsibilities in 2021. There's nothing wrong with that, right?  As long as it's not other people's responsibilities that you are being burdened with. 

Regardless of what these entertaining horoscopes say and the fact that they can apply anytime, anywhere to anybody, they are still quite fun to read.  Take for instance:

"During the year, some problems might occur for most Chinese zodiac signs, but success and luck are ready to be present for those who are flexible and ready for anything."


In 2021, those born under the Dragon zodiac sign will enjoy huge profits, as long as they take advantage of the occurring opportunities. However, they need to be very careful to not let themselves carried away before things get out of control.

Many Tigers and Rabbits will obtain financial independence by discovering a new income source, while for others, money could fall from the sky.

The Goats will keep having new ideas related to quick gains and organizing their own business, goals that will be successfully achieved.

I tried my hand at writing these and it does take a practiced hand at doublespeak to get it right.  Here's my stab at it.

"Pigs can expect this year to be one that will answer the most profound questions.  Banish anxiety and harmony will come into your life if you welcome it." 



I guess at the end of the day what Chinese horoscopic wisdom is trying to say is this- success is possible to anyone at any time and the guiding principles are these: work hard, be responsible, be prepared for possible hardship but optimistic about the future, seek balance and harmony in relationships and finally, be  flexible when circumstances demand it.

Real WISDOM for the ages, sans the fluff of astrology.



Here's to Your Health! Huat Ah!

NOTE: Another point of wisdom, or maybe just to ponder on, is that the 12 animals were racing to the Jade Emperor and those we expected to arrive first, didn't.  I mean the Dragon is no.5 and the Horse no.7 with the Ox being no.1- Slow and Steady wins the Race?  OR be friends with those who are like that for a free ride :).

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