If there was a time we needed the Sun

I suppose we always need the sun.  

If there is anything we have a love / hate relationship with more than any other natural phenomena it must be the sun.  This super ginormous ball of glowing hydrogen and helium is 109x wider than the earth and threatens our very existence with its intense and ever growing fire.  Even at a distance of 150 million kilometres, its hot plasma is so dense that we can feel it inside our little blue sphere. And yet, for all its destructive potential, on the very same breath, it also gives us life.  It not only awakens seeds and moves seas, its light also paints the colours of our world.  Everyday we wake up, and look out, and if the sun is obscured, the day just doesn’t seem right.  By mid-day though, in equatorial Singapore, we are wishing for the clouds to get in the way.

In the meantime, we bask and enjoy in all that we have been given, possible only by the sun.  The best gift you can give for someone who is celebrating a special day, a move to a new place, or just because. On sale for the month of November. Free shipping.


La Chapelle

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