Fire and Rain

The Cheapest Wines in Singapore


VALUE FOR MONEY With 400 wine importers in Singapore and only 400,000 wine drinkers (some estimate even less due to the exodus of foreigners), it's no surprise that the primary tactic employed by many is "savings", "discount" and "value for money".   AWARD WINNING The other tactic is to scream award medals such that practically every bottle on the screen is award winning, which makes you wonder who is giving out all those awards and does everybody get one just for participating? Nevertheless, here are some award winning wines that are worth hundreds in taste but selling for much less. I DRANK 3,000...

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Is it Because of the Weather?

Asia Drinking Palms Rice

Recently, mostly because of this new venture we are on, my mind has been on all sorts of alcoholic beverages.  But then it struck me, how come the talk is always about wine or spirits that are made by the peoples of the Northern hemisphere?  Is it because the people who lived in changing seasons needed to brew and distill beverages that kept them warm during the winter? Is that why no one is celebrating and consuming Southeast Asian wine and spirits? Or is it a matter of taste or marketing? This then led to the question of what Southeast Asia's wine and...

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The Famous Widow you Know but Had No Idea

It was 1805 and a young woman by the name of Barbe-Nicole Clicquot Ponsardin was only 27 but had already become a widow.  Speculation surrounded how her husband François Clicquot had died, whether from illness or from his own hand, but whatever the truth, the more pressing matter remained that she had a large vineyard (6-7,000 bottles a year) that needed tending. To her aid came a talented winemaker by the name of Jérôme Fourneaux who helped her in the first few years of her business which she grew with great ambition and talent of her own.  Soon she was creating new processes...

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What type of Wine were the Eight (8) Immortals Drinking?

I suppose there is nothing that will cement your fame as a poet as much as having one of the greatest poets who ever lived: Du Fu 杜甫 (712-770 AD) write a poem: 饮中八仙 (Eight Immortals of the Wine Cup) about you that includes all the other celebrated poets of your time (唐朝 Tang Dynasty, 618-907 AD) . I've always wondered though, what wine were those eight guys drinking?  A lot of people think that the cultivation of wine grapes is new to China, but that is clearly not true given the plethora of poems that refer to the wine grape that go back to 200 BC,...

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Our Shores: The Story of an Amazing Shipwreck

Art Trade

People have been trading goods along our island shores for over thousands of years, way before the Europeans ever got here.  The technologically advanced and sea worthy vessels of the Arabs carried goods manufactured (and specified to order) in China as early as the Tang dynasty (618 - 907) when there was an amazing explosion of "globalisation". We have always known about the robust overland trade along the Silk Road into Inner Asia, but never have we had the definitive proof that the maritime trade was as lively as the land trade during that period until the discovery of the...

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