I Learned that Day

I Learned that Day

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"High upon the mountain top
the leopard did descend,
why it wandered in our streets
no one could comprehend.

Its eyes were piercing like the sky,
shades of blue and green and grey,
Its paws so large and yet so soft,
not a single sound they made.

Everyone who saw the cat,
ran in fear to its dismay,
As strange and fearsome as it was,
all it wanted was to play.

I learned that day new things need time,
they are seldom what they seem,
Where did my fear go, you ask?   
Snug in the pocket of my jeans.

― Kathleen Yao, Poems for You

Artist: Lim Puay Hoon 
Signed & Numbered
Comes with Fibreboard Frame 
Limited print run of 20
100% FSC Certified Acid-Free Paper, GSM: 300
Size of Frame without mount: 37cm x 47cm
Size of Art with mount: 20cm x 29cm

 *"LPH" Watermark currently present on digital version will be removed 

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