I've Gone Elsewhere
I've Gone Elsewhere

I've Gone Elsewhere

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Inside its hallowed halls I sit,
still as a mouse, no sound permit.
But what you see is not what's there
for in my mind I've gone elsewhere.

To places unimaginable,
Meeting creatures less than amicable,
Sitting amongst the queens and kings,
standing before non-earthly beings.

Learning from learned men of yore,
Being counselled by sages of what's in store,
Exploring with explorers without fear,
Yet trembling I do for what I hold dear.

These journeys I take need not be alone,
for words we can share to places unknown,
The eye in my mind would love to see,
my friend, for you, to come and join me."

― Kathleen Yao, Poems for You

(Building: Powell Library, UCLA) 

Artist: Lim Puay Hoon 
Signed & Numbered
Comes with Fibreboard Frame
Limited print run of 20
100% FSC Certified Acid-Free Paper, GSM: 300
Size of Frame without mount: 40cm x 50cm
Size of Art with mount: 30cm x 40cm

 *"LPH" Watermark currently present on digital version will be removed 

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