When Roots Take Flight
When Roots Take Flight

When Roots Take Flight

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"At first I dug deep into the ground,
The soil, the earth, the brown rich mound.
It covered me and I did love,
The cold, the warmth, the sun from above.

I ate my fill and I did grow
I shot straight up and life bestowed
All around me safe and sound
Nourished, encouraged, although bound.

So the day did come when it was time,
My roots grew wings and I had to fly.
It did not mean that I would forget,
Just that there were people and places I had not met.

I fly not because I seek better things,
I hold no illusions, think no such schemes.
I fly because my roots are strong,
They are my wings and they know where’s home."

― Kathleen Yao, Poems for You

Artist: Lim Puay Hoon 
Signed & Numbered
Comes with Fibreboard Frame 
Limited print run of 20
100% FSC Certified Acid-Free Paper, GSM: 300
Size of Frame without mount: 37cm x 47cm
Size of Art with mount: 20cm x 29cm

 *"LPH" Watermark currently present on digital version will be removed 

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