What's a Little Rain?
What's a Little Rain?

What's a Little Rain?

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In the midst of our tropical rain forests rise trees that can grow up to 80 metres tall.  They go by the scientific name of DRYOBALANOPS and create the most beautiful spectacles when you happen upon a group of them that are not obscured by other, lower trees.  Scientists are not certain why, but the trees have developed a survival mechanism called "crown shyness" where the leaves will stop short of overlapping each other.  We prefer the more colloquial term "puzzle canopy" as the patterns they create in the sky is like a giant jigsaw. If you've never noticed them before on your nature walks, we encourage you to look up more frequently the next time you are on one.

Artist: Kathleen Yao
Signed & Numbered
Comes with Fibreboard Frame and Mount 
Limited print run of 20

Pen and Ink (Japanese Brush)
100% FSC Certified Acid-Free Paper, GSM: 300
Size of Frame without mount: 61cm x 91cm (24'x 36')
Size of Art with mount: 50cm x 70cm (19'x 27')

 *"KYAO" Watermark currently present on digital version will be removed 

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