Here Comes the Sun (Superb Value, Starter's Choice!)
Here Comes the Sun (Superb Value, Starter's Choice!)
Here Comes the Sun (Superb Value, Starter's Choice!)

Here Comes the Sun (Superb Value, Starter's Choice!)

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Regrets in life are plenty, but you won't find any in these 6 bottles of sunshine.  We've tried them all and can't wait for you to similarly enjoy every bottle.  The incredible value of this case is due to the fact that the sun is free, but unfortunately we have costs.  Sharing life's burdens is sweet though. 

An unbeatable box of brightness by winemakers Danièle Vialard and Eric Hosteins! Here she comes!

In your case:  

1. Le Chardonnay IGP-OC White 2018 

2. Le Rose de la Chapelle IGP-OC Rose 2018

3. La Chapelle de Saint Dominique VDP Herault 2006

4. La Chapelle de Saint Dominique VDP Herault 2014

5. Le Pinot Noir de la Chapelle IGP-OC 2014

6. Le Syrah de la Chapelle IGP-OC 2017 

7. Tasting Notes, Card (if intended as a gift, or just for your own use)

For the wine aficionados: There's this legendary terroir in the South of France called Aniane, a commune in the Hérault department in the Occitanie region where the Occitan language and its various dialects used to be spoken hundreds of years ago.  There, the soil is miocene terrain with limestone and sandstone gravel that is 10 metres deep, allowing exceptional filtration.  

The Domaine de Saint Dominique estate which produces the La Chapelle series was specifically chosen for its isolation, lying opposite the Larzac plateau, surrounded by garrigue and forests allowing for wine grapes to grow with depth and finesse.  Traditional grape varieties (Merlot, Vieux Carignan, Syrah, Mourvedre) are then planted side by side with more unexpected varieties like Cabernet Sauvignon to make very fine vintages that can reach a very high degree of phenolic ripeness.  The cooler climate means there is always an underlying freshness and perfume to its produce.

Although there are many established wineries in HéraultAniane is relatively new and the young and daring (well maybe not so young anymore, Danièle Vialard and Eric Hosteins are now iconic winemakers in their own right) who have come to the area feel that anything is still possible. This hope is clearly expressed in your six bottles of deliciousness.  Here Comes the Sun!

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