T by Chateau Pajzos 2018 (White)

T by Chateau Pajzos 2018 (White)

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"Furmint" is not a furry little critter, it is a rare grape varietal that grows best in the northeastern Hungarian region and you get 750ml worth of it when you buy this Pajzos Furmint Dry "T".  More importantly, this comes in threes, so you'll be getting 2,250ml of rare deliciousness in total.

This may not be important to you, but in fact we were sold on the cool looking bottle alone which reminded us of Inner Asia and Genghis Khan's exploits and all the unpronounceable words back then.  Oh wait, that's still true today.  "Tokaj" is pronounced "Toe-kai".  So in our book the T here stands for Towkay!  This wine is the boss. 

So what does it taste like? This dry white sports a distinctive citrus and dried tropical fruit (passion fruit, pineapple) flavour that will keep you swirling and smelling and wishing you had a few more bottles. If you are one of those who is patient enough to smell undertones, it gives a hint of vanilla and coconut with a refined spiciness.

Drink "T" alongside charsiu, roast duck, roast pork, grilled prawns OR frankly with anything, it is really that good. 

In your case:

Three (3) Bottles of "T" by Chateau Pajzos 2018 (White)

For the wine aficionados:  Although this is in Hungary where small family owned vineyards have been growing wine grapes there since the 17th century, this particular one is owned by the renowned Chateau Clinet.  Tank fermented for purity with just a little Hárslevelű and Muscat in the blend to add a touch of exotic spice and fruit, this beautiful blend of primarily Furmint will remain beautiful and age well due to its bright acidity.  Wonderful now, perfect from 2020 - 2023.

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