Le G de Château Guiraud 2013 (White, Organic)

Le G de Château Guiraud 2013 (White, Organic)

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Château Guiraud was first known as the "Maison Noble du Bayle" before it was purchased by Pierre Guiraud in 1766. It was classified as "1er Grand Cru Classe Sauternes" in 1855. Today the cellar is run by Xavier Planty and his son Luc Planty who have made sure that their product appeals to like minded consumers who are environmentally engaged and conscious about what they put into their bodes.

Championing biodiversity (inviting useful predatory insects) on their grounds using natural grasses, crop covers and natural soils to increase microbial life, optimising the management of water, Xavier Planty’s degree in biology and plant genetics certainly helps.  Fields of wildflowers, fruits and vegetables as well as "insect hotels" further attract and provide habitats for invertebrates, spiders, bees, birds and bats, bringing the entire place into a well balanced and stronger ecosystem.

But does your bottle of "G" stand for good?

It definitely does.  A blend of 70% Sauvignon Blanc and 30% Semillon, this dry medium bodied white wine in otherwise sweet wine region Sauternes, has lovely floral notes of white blossoms, honey and hints of lemon and lychee. On the finish, it is lively with pure fruit and vivacious acidity.  With some aged cheese, raw oysters or smoked salmon, you will definitely want this to be what you toast in your hands.

Salud!  To the earth and to your health!


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