Anne Silin, DipWSET

We know and we agree, the wine world is like Alice in Wonderland.  Entering it can send you down a rabbit hole of weird, scary and wonderful things.  There are so many wineries from so many countries that it is impossible to make sense of it all and feel secure about what you are purchasing.  Since we have no real solution to this problem, we decided to drink.  That's when it occurred to us (drinking gives birth to ideas*) that we will only sell wines we know for a fact are good because an expert we know and trust has tasted and recommended them.  


Anne Silin Wine Jetty
Enter: Anne Silin, DipWSET (Wine and Spirits Education Trust), a fabulous wine detective with international papers who, although she can manage wine from anywhere in the world, has chosen to specialise in French wine.  While some of us are familiar with the idiom, "the nose knows", Anne's nose actually knows.

Carefully trained with over 2 decades of experience, Anne Silin's nose can distinguish many more scent combinations than our average ones.  In addition, her focus on French wine or wine by French winemakers (Château Clinet has one in Hungary because the "furmint" grape varietal only grows well there), means she knows the land (terroir) in which particular wine varietals are grown and therefore the best type of wine grapes they can yield (whether, for example, they are best drunk as single varietals or as blends).  She also knows who the winemakers are, their process (harvesting, extracting, fermentation, pressure, filtration, aging, bottling), and even which Châteaus still use horses in the 21st Century to plow their vineyards to maintain the lightness of the soil. 

In short, Anne Silin can recommend, time and again, a superior wine over a regular one from the same region at the same price points.  We may not be able to tell the difference to the degree that she can, but tell we can.  And we're passing on her superpowers to you by way of our little online shop that may not have a world of choices, but certainly has choice wine to make your world that much better.


*Warning: wine gives birth to ideas, good and bad ideas