Cennatoio (Gold) Oro Chianti Classico (Red, Organic) 2015
Cennatoio (Gold) Oro Chianti Classico (Red, Organic) 2015

Cennatoio (Gold) Oro Chianti Classico (Red, Organic) 2015

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This is NOT your ordinary Chianti.  This is a Chianti Classico from the premium vineyards of Cennatoio, separated by olive orchards, and sits on the border between Florence and Siena.  It is a a product made from long friendships- in this case that of the Italian Alessi Family and the French Maison Louis Vialard.

In your bottle of gold (oro) is a blend of 95% Sangiovese and 5% Colorino, that has been aged in oak barrels for 14 months.  It is a deep ruby red that has a distinct Morello cherry aroma with plum and durmast hints.  Full bodied and thick, it is characterised by a generous tannin which becomes softer over your meal, giving you a finish of cherries and red berries.

Fresh acidity supports the juicy flavours and when paired with classic Italian appetisers or dishes such as cured meats, aged cheeses, fresh pasta, and grilled meats, close your eyes and you may just be transported to Tuscany.

In your case, gold in red colours:

One (1) Bottle of Cennatoio Chianti Classico 2015 (Red, Organic

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Wine footnotes: You can spot a Chianti Classico from afar because it always sports a black rooster emblem to signify that at least 80% of its grapes are made from the Sangiovese varietal (10% more than the regular Chianti) and that producers cannot use any white grapes in their blend.

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