Château Alcée 2012 (Red, Organic)

Château Alcée 2012 (Red, Organic)

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Prior to 2011, Château Alcée was just an ordinary vineyard producing ok wine. Once legendary winemaker Nicolas Thienpont stepped in however, things started changing in a huge way. Thienpont started to replace some of the vines on a vine by vine basis in 2010 in an effort to increase the level of the vine density.  Sustainable, organic farming techniques are now being used. The grapes are picked later, seeking better levels of phenolic ripeness and yields have been reduced to further concentrate the wine.

In your bottle is a medium to full bodied wine of 86% Merlot and 14% Cabernet Franc. On the nose are rich dark berry fruits and in the mouth smooth tannins with hints of liquorice.

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One (1) Château Alcée 2012 (Red, Organic

For the wine aficionados: To produce the wine of Château Alcée today, a stringent selection process is followed in the vineyard and in the cellars. The fruit is whole berry fermented in temperature controlled, traditional shaped cement tanks and takes place on a parcel by parcel basis. Malolactic fermentation takes place in 50% new French oak barrels for an average of 15 months.  To increase the richness of the wine, the first 6 months of aging are spent on its post, malolactic lees. The production of Château Alcée is on average, close to 2,400 cases of wine per vintage.

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