Le Seuil de Mazeyres 2012 (Red, Biodynamic)

Le Seuil de Mazeyres 2012 (Red, Biodynamic)

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When a wine-making Château belongs to a pension fund, all the romance of wine goes away.  But then, let's face it, the French can make the most mundane of things artful.  And so, when the Caisse de Retraite de la Société Générale took over Château Mazeyres in 1988, they made sure to eventually (1992) bring in none other than Alain Moueix, a 4th generation œnologue from a family of winemakers and négociants from Libourne.

Alain Moueix not only produced beautiful wines but truly loved the vineyard and thus worked towards protecting it for future generations as his own parents, grand parents and great grandparents had ensured for him.  Taking it organic in 2015 and then certified biodynamic in 2018, he now brings us a bottle that truly gives us a taste of the plateaus of Pomerol.

Thus, under the direction of Alain Moueix, Head of the Jean-Michel Bernard vineyard, together with Cellar master Ludovic Guibert, in your bottle is an 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc whose colour is a brilliant ruby red. The nose is very open and airy, dominated by forest fruits. After an acidulous attack, the mouth reveals a great smoothness and is very lively, marked by an almost silky grain, and on the finish a discreet and singular smoky note.

Enjoy with Enthusiasm!

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Wine Footnotes: Fragments of pottery dating back to the 3rd Century were discovered on the site of Château Mazeyres, attesting to a Gallo-Romaine heritage.  The town archives show that viticulture started in Pomerol in the 14th Century.

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