by Clinet 2016 (Red)

by Clinet 2016 (Red)

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There are two words that will make any French (or wine lover) tingle: Clinet and Pomerol. Here, we bring them to you combined, so powerful that they named the bottle "by"! 

Château Clinet is set in the Pomerol wine region where the gravelly clay and iron-rich soil high atop a plateau makes the terroir produce the finest quality grapes in the world.  Note the beautifully coloured label by the artist Gordon Hopkins depicting all the produce from different parcels being married into an exceptional blend. 

In your bottle of 95% Merlot & 5% Cabernet Franc are elegant scents of dry red fruits, prune, ripe black cherry and melanosporum truffle. On the palate are fruity, well-balanced cranberries, red currant, fresh plum and hints of hazelnut. It can be enjoyed now OR kept for the next 15 years (2035). However, we do not recommend putting things off that you can do today, for tomorrow.  At the same time, we do believe that beautiful wine is worth waiting for.  

We suggest, if you can afford it, to buy three (3) bottles:   
One to savour now,
One to share with friends in the near future and;  
One to keep for the magic that time will cast on your bottle.

May you live a long life!

In your case:

One (1) Bottle of "by Clinet, Pomerol" 2016 (an incredible year) 

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