1,2,3: 1 Biodynamic, 2 Amazing, 3 Organic (All Red)

1,2,3: 1 Biodynamic, 2 Amazing, 3 Organic (All Red)

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Why it's worth going Organic


While “organic farming” criteria may vary from country to country, everyone agrees that it means the exclusion of artificial chemical fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.  This means the earth wasn't harmed when growing the grape and the grape is also better off as it was growing producing heartier skins, higher concentrations of good stuff like anthcyanins, antioxidants, polyphenols and resveratrol, which means it is good for you as well.


Another important aspect of being certified Organic means that no sulphites or other nasty additives are added into the wine.  While wine has naturally occurring sulphites which preserves it, some cheap wine makers will add sulphites (because they had lousy grape juice to begin with) and other additives such as colouring agents, flavouring agents, oak chips, powdered tannins, etc. (Yes, those cheap wine bottles that you think are cheap, are cheap for a reason and you can blame the headache on those, not the wine.)


In the EU, being certified Organic also means following guidelines that make better working conditions and practices for both winemaker and worker.

In your case of goodness, ALL RED WINE:

1. Cennatoio Chianti-Classico Italy 2015 (Organic)

2. Château Goubau 2015 (Organic) 

3. La Raison D'Hêtre 201 (Organic) 

4. Le Seuil de Mazeyres 2012 (OrganicBiodynamic)

5. Clos Bertineau 2015

6. Chateau du Beau Vallon 2015

7. Tasting Notes, Card (if intended as a gift, or just for your own use)

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