The "A" Game (Must Have Box)
The "A" Game (Must Have Box)
The "A" Game (Must Have Box)

The "A" Game (Must Have Box)

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You asked, here's the answer.  What are the key bottles you should always have in your wine fridge? This carefully curated mix by Anne Silin (DipWSET) is a must have so that you are always ready for any occasion.  

GREAT MOMENTS: L'Esprit de Chapuy

Let's talk celebrations first.  If there is any time to bring your "A" game, it's when there's a celebration.  Lucky for you, inside your wine fridge is a L'Esprit de Chapuy straight from the heart of the Champagne region. Created with the traditional method and malolactic fermentation, this bottle will offer the epitome of effervescence and according to the Chapuy family, will "excite the taste buds, shake the certainties, and lead to great moments of pleasure."

SPECTACULAR WHITE WINE: Charmes Godard Blanc 2015

Another day brings another invitation to a seafood dinner and this time you reach for your Les Charmes Godard Blanc 2015, a critically acclaimed bottle made by none other than the legendary Nicholas Thienpont.  The blend of 50% Semillon, 35% Sauvignon Gris, 15% Sauvignon Blanc give the bottle such freshness and liveliness you let it do all the talking for you.  Everyone can only nod in approval as they drink in the delicious mix of white peach, verbena, quinine, lemon zest and star fruit notes.

GOOD FOR THE EARTH, AMAZING FOR US: Couhins la Gravette Blanc 2014

Just when everyone thought you had outdone yourself, you suddenly present a Couhins la Gravette Blanc 2014 from the Pessac-Leognan appellation, birthplace of the great wines of Bordeaux.  As people swirl their 95% Sauvignon Blanc and 5% Sauvignon Gris to take in notes of lemon and grapefruit underpinned by pungent aromas of grass, straw and fresh asparagus, you casually let your gratitude to the vineyard be known for not only using sustainable agriculture, but also for pioneering innovations on biological pest control, the scientific return of organic matter and even the improvement of employee working conditions.

RARE OLD WORLD RED: Domaine de Baronarques 2007

Aging gracefully is no mean feat and on this Birthday occasion you bring the Domaine de Baronarques 2007 from the Rothschild family. With only a few bottles of this vintage left in the market, you are glad you can enjoy this with present company.  Now (2020) in perfect condition for drinking, the full bodied wine exhibits attractive notes of plum, cassis and leafy herbs.  A blend of 50% Merlot, 26% Cabernet Franc, 4% Cabernet Sauvignon and the rest Syrah and Malbec, the table knows you have bought along an outstanding red because of its long, powerful finish with hints of pepper.  Decant for 1-3 hours to enjoy the wine to its fullest.

TENDED WITH UTMOST CARE: Clos Bertineau 2015

After all that adulation, it is good just to hang out casually with friends and a bottle of Clos Bertineau 2015. This 100% Merlot from Montagne Saint-Émilion has been tended to by none other than renowned winemaker Philippe Nunes, easy to drink, gracious, displaying floral and savoury notes that enhance almost any food not from the sea. Your friends now knowing your rare ability to choose wine cannot help but take in a deeper whiff and catch scents of sweet tobacco, dried cherry, mint and herbs. 

STARS IN THE SKY: Monteils Sauternes 2009

Someone once said that drinking sweet wine is the closest you can get to drinking the stars.  Well, we don't really know what stars taste like, but if its like diamonds in the sky, then the Monteils Sauternes 2009 which is a blend of 75% Sémillon, 20% Sauvignon, 5% Muscadelle is indeed a very elegant wine.  The harvest is hand picked with several selective pickings of the botrytised berries (a fungus pierces the skin of the grape, lowering its water content and thus increasing its sweetness: the berry's pain is our gain).  After getting better and mellower for 18 months in oak barrels, the colour of this wine does indeed begin to look like the gold limpid stars of the sky.  Taken with the best desserts, whiffs of vanilla, honey, butterscotch and dried apricots will fill your mouth.  Let it stay for just a second longer to get a slightly smoky undertone.  Fireworks!

In your case:


1.  L'Esprit de Chapuy NV


2. Les Charmes Godard 2015

3. Couhins la Gravette 2014 


4. Domaine de Baronarques 2007 

5. Clos Bertineau 2015 


6. Monteils Sauternes 2009

7. Tasting Notes, Card (if intended as a gift, or just for your own use)

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