Watership Down (1972 Hard Cover Edition)
Watership Down (1972 Hard Cover Edition)

Watership Down (1972 Hard Cover Edition)

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Who knew we could get so attached to a band of rabbits living in England.  At every turn we are wondering if they will make it to safety as danger lurks everywhere, even from other rabbits!

A simply amazing tale that teaches us about the hopes, loves and terrors of life.  I don't need to tell you this if you're looking at this page and wondering if you should purchase this 1972 hard cover edition with illustrations.  You know this book is worth it and someone who knows the visionary Fiver and his band of rabbits will want it.

About the Author

Richard George Adams lived in a time where war and the spectre of war loomed over much of his young life.  Born in 1920, 2 years after WWI (1914-1918), in England, he went on to read Modern History and at 20 years old (1940) was called up to join the British Army.  He served in Palestine, Europe and the Far East although he saw no direct action against either the Germans or the Japanese (WWII, 1939-1945.

It is not surprising, therefore, that Adams' tales about rabbits which he made up on a car trip with his two daughters was fraught with suspense and danger.  The girls loved it so much, he continued the story well beyond the car trip until his daughters finally insisted he write it down and publish it as a book.  Hooray for pestering kids!  In 1972, after four publishers and three writer's agencies turned him down, Rex Cowlings agreed to publish his work, gaining such acclaim almost immediately that the US edition by Macmillan quickly followed in the same year.

Richard George Adams would go on to write other notable works such as Shardik, The Plague Dogs and The Girl in a Swing, but none would surpass Watership Down.  He passed away at 96 years old on Christmas Eve, surrounded by his family, having lived a full life, safe at the last in the arms of Jesus.

My copy has a missing dust jacket and there is fraying on the spine but it is otherwise in very good condition.

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